The Evening Lecture on “Walk Towards Beauty• Science and Art Add Radiance to Each Other” Was Held


In the evening of April 24, 2021, the 177th session of Nautilus Auditorium themed “Walk Towards Beauty·Together with the Beauty of Science” and the 33rd session of “I am a Scientist” program were held in the form of online livestreaming in the hall on B2 of Shanghai Natural History Museum. The audience on different platforms asked questions to the guests in the livestreaming room. Finally, the online livestreaming received 2.8+ million clicks in total. The guests of the lecture shared stories about beauty on different levels brought by science from their respective research fields. They showed to the public the spirit of scientific researchers who make down-to-earth efforts to achieve their lofty aspirations. In scientific research, they need not only to solve difficult problems, but also to pursue the beauty of creation, thus contributing to realizing people’s yearning for a better life and improving their material and spiritual life.

Xu Lei, Deputy Director of the Exhibition and R&D Center of SSTM, gave a speech titled “Discovering Beauty in Nature”. She took the “Colorful Life” exhibition area of Shanghai Natural History Museum and “A Shared Destiny, Fight Together Against Pandemic Threats - Since and Technology for Better Health” original exhibition of SSMT as examples to share with the audience the science and art in the planning of popular science exhibition. Scientificity is the lifeblood of popular science exhibitions, the contents of which need to be rigorous and accurate. When we try to convey the contents in a certain form, the beauty of presentation attracts more attention. In Xu Lei’s view, exhibition planning is more of practical knowledge, and has something to do with curiosity and enthusiasm. “I think that it is the curiosity that has connected viewers, exhibition planners and scientists.”