Award Won by SSTM''s Original Science Book for Young People Dinosaurs Are Not Fun


On June 1st, the popular science book for young people Dinosaurs Are Not Fun meticulously prepared by the Exhibition Education Service Division of SSTM in two years won the award of "Great Children's Books of Shanghai" in the 6th Love for Young People Event of Reading, Selecting and Promoting "Great Children's Books of Shanghai" in 2019. The event was co-sponsored by the Shanghai Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office and the Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles and organized by the Shanghai Children's Literature Research and Promotion Association.

Gu Jieyan and Xu Lei of SSTM serve as the editors-in-chief of the book, Zhu Ying and Lou Youyou of the Educational R&D Department of SSTM as the content planners, and the College of Fine Arts of Shanghai University as the illustrator. Dr. Ouyang Hui, a dinosaur expert and Curator of the Chongqing Natural History Museum, and Zhang Weiyun, a master of dinosaurs of the Scientific Films and TV Series Creation Department of SSTM, were invited to serve as the science consultants of the book. The book is jointly recommended by the paleontologist Xu Xing, the paleontological painter Zhang Zongda, and the international dinosaur expert Yoichi Azuma. With more than 270 original cartoon pictures, the book tells 6 dramatic and puzzling paleontological explorations, allowing readers to gradually reveal the secrets hidden behind the dinosaur families while tracking a series of mysterious cases.