“YEAH KIDS” Special Activity on June 1 Was Successfully Held in the SNHM


      On May 29, 2021, the YEAH KIDS special activity for Children’s Day organized by the SNHM (a branch of the SSTM) was officially launched under the theme of FUN Enjoying Nature•Drawing Childhood Memory. It included a number of wonderful activities such as YEAH KIDS Exploration Course, Game Fair, Children’s Drawing Gallery, Animal Meeting, Light and Shadow Magic of Butterflies Scientific Experiment and Let’s Talk, aiming to further promote the concept of the “YEAH KIDS” brand.

      “YEAH KIDS” is an original education brand built by the SNHM for children aged between 3 and 6 and their families based on the principle of education demassification. It aims to provide opportunities for children to enjoy the fun of nature, have unforgettable experience of nature, and develop natural intelligence through six types of activities, i.e., exploration courses, cool fun learning programs, performance shows, parent-child interaction exhibitions, thematic visiting routes and outdoor experiences. Since its official establishment on June 1, 2019, the brand has not only developed 24 exploration courses, 8 cool fun learning programs, and the original puppet show The Baby Elephant and Little Boy, but has also launched the first bird-themed immersive parent-child interaction science exhibition “The Miraculous Bird Camp.”