SSTM signed several strategic cooperation agreements


May 18, 2020 was the International Museum Day. In response to the theme of "Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion", the SSTM signed strategic cooperation agreements with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch, the SMG, and the Shanghai Academy of Science & Technology, respectively. According to Wang Lianhua, Party secretary of the SSTM, with the outbreak of COVID-19, we should learn how to accurately identify the changes, how to respond to the changes in a scientific way, and how to change ourselves proactively. We should start from a new point, strengthen cross-border integration, innovate the means of communication, promote the high-quality development of the SSTM, work on the supply side reform of science communication, keep a good connection with our cooperators, establish a new knowledge production and dissemination system for science communication, and build a "big science communication structure" by working with all walks of life.

The SSTM and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will work together to launch such projects as the Science Communication Forum and the One-on-One with A Scientist, make joint efforts in projects such as the Intern Researchers and the Innovation Practice for Teenagers, strengthen cooperation in collection, exhibition, education, and cultural and creative products, as well as in scientific research and talent exchange in natural history, astronomy, and science communication.

The SSTM and the SMG signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will work together to build a leading brand in China called "Night at the Museum" and start a cross-border talk show featuring science and technology, culture, art, and society, and use the studio of the Star News to raise the influence of the Shanghai Astronomy Museum, and jointly carry out science communication in such fields as scientific research, collection, and exhibition.

The SSTM and the Shanghai Academy of Science & Technology signed a cooperation framework agreement on building a science game platform. The two sides will promote the advances in the research and development of science games, as well as the application, transformation and promotion of the results, build a database in Shanghai which will provide the materials and resources needed for the R&D of science games, and jointly establish an open, shared and cooperative platform featuring "science communication + games".