Shanghai Science Communication Forum Focused on Global Quantum Communication Networks and Their Future Prospects


On April 17, 2021, Shanghai Science Communication Forum focused on the theme of “National Security Education Day”. Chen Yuao, Professor and Executive Dean of the School of Physical Sciences of University of Science and Technology of China, was invited to introduce the popular and mysterious technology from the perspective of quantum information security, and look for the magic key to absolute security with the audience.

Professor Chen Yuao has been engaged in fundamental experimental research on quantum physics for a long time. He has been committed to promoting the development of light and cold-atom quantum control technology and systematically applying it to several research directions of quantum information such as quantum communication, quantum computing and precision measurement. He has achieved a series of important research results that have received wide attention. During the lecture, he introduced the achievements that China has made in quantum communication technology. The vigorous development of quantum technology has brought human information technology into a new era, while posing unprecedented challenges to information security. He pointed out that the current quantum communication technology that has overcome the potential security risks of classic encryption technology is the only communication method that has been proven unconditionally secure according to strict standards, able to fundamentally solve the problem of insecure information transmission. Meanwhile, the quantum communication network technology in cities nationwide that had matured was initially applied in the field of national information security.