Two museums increase visitor reception, receive group visits and reopen theaters


At the notice of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, the visitor reception volume of the museum will be increased from not exceeding 30% of the maximum capacity to 50% at most as from today. Since July 21, 2020, the two museums will receive group visits and reopen theaters.
Through the official websites and the WeChat official accounts of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and the Shanghai Natural History Museum, as well as online ticketing platforms jointly operated with third parties, individual visitors can use their identity information to book an appointment to purchase tickets for specific time slots in real name, and the pre-sale period is 7 days. On the day of the visit, visitors must check in at the scheduled time. The check-in time is 9:00-12:30 for admission in the morning, and 12:30-16:00 for admission in the afternoon.
To visit in specific time slots, group visitors must make an appointment through the official website of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and the ticketing fax number of the Shanghai Natural History Museum at least one day in advance. In addition, they must sign the “Group Visit Safety Commitment” and cooperate with the museums in collecting information on the tourist sources, ID cards, scenic spots visited, etc.
The theaters of the two museums are required to sell no more than 30 percent of all seats. To meet the over 1m distancing rules, all tickets will be sold in alternative seats. Tickets can be bought on the official websites and through the WeChat official accounts of the two museums.