Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Launched a Series of Activities of "Initial Science Popularization Efforts in Five New Towns"


On August 20, 2022, the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum's "Initial Science Popularization Efforts in Five New Towns" launching ceremony kicked off at the first Shanghai Science Communication Conference. During the 7-day Shanghai Science Festival, the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum launched a special online event, "Initial Science Popularization Efforts in Five New Towns," pulling the citizens of the new towns and the whole metropolis into a never-ending scientific feeding frenzy.

"Initial Science Popularization Efforts in Five New Towns" consists of 8 major projects for citizens, namely "Science Festival Online Special Activities,""Star Science Teachers' New Town Tour,""Unbounded Museum Classroom,""Five Lakes Science Talk,""Erudite Gold Medal Teacher Training Program""Science Show,""Mobile Popular Science Temporary Tour,""Science Popularization Cultural and Creative Products." These projects, each with its characteristics and highlights, integrate the learning and talent resources of the three museums, fulfill the science popularization needs of the five new towns, and carry out regular activities.

Shanghai Science & Technology Museum will better fulfill its responsibilities, leverage and demonstrate its strength, give full play to its advantages in resources, platforms, and talents, open up the interconnected channels of science resources, and empower the city to better allocate science resources. It will start from the five new towns to radiate across the whole city and even across the Yangtze River Delta region, thus creating a strong atmosphere of advocating science, loving science, studying science, and using science, and elevating the science literacy of the public.