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Home on Earth


The boom in population and the rapid growth of productivity have led to a series of ecological environment issues. How can we deal with them? Seek together a harmonious co-existence with nature.

Home on Earth
Ecological Water Recycling System
With our help you can keep fish without changing the water. With Hi-Q patent technology, self-cleaning, like the ocean, can be imitated in the tank to realize zero emission. Saves you the trouble and helps out with the environment!
Ecological Disaster Theater
Human activities have broken the nature’s balance and we are not even aware of it. Serious ecological problems break out and nature’s ruthless revenge takes shape. Will you take a moment to think when you watch the film?
Leaf Auto
Sunlight, breeze and even carbon dioxide can be transformed into energy. Environment-protecting concept car “Leaf” has the look and the move. It can purify the air. How does it do it?
Garbage Classification
Garbage is just a misplaced resource. Let’s learn to sort garbage in games and turn trash into treasure.