Light of Exploration

Light of Exploration


Science in the 19th century seemed to be developing just fine while more discoveries needed to be unveiled. Human’s exploration pushed on and scientists in the 20th century broke the old chains with their curiosity, courage and wisdom and depicted for us a brand new picture of the world.

Light of Exploration
Classical Physics Lab
What is the inner structure of atoms like? Scientists have designed many ingenious experiments and strengthen our knowledge on the micro-world with facts and deduction.
Morgan’s Fruit Fly Experiment
Do you know that fruit flies are the stars that raised a Nobel Prize winner? And it was Thomas Hunt Morgan, the winner of Nobel Prize in Physiology or & Medicine in 1933, who made the insect a frequent presence for scientists.
Mendel’s Pea Experiment
Mendel, the father of genetics, spent eight years and planted over 7,000 peas before finally revealing the secret of genetic regularity. He did not have a profound family background or famous instructors to follow. The only things he depended on were his wisdom and hard work.
Relativity Theater
From Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein. The theatre allows you to feel the shortened measure, the slowed down time and the bent space. Ride with the hero on a journey across time and space.