World of Robots

World of Robots


The section is themed “the development and application of robotics” and displays fixed programed robots, intelligent control robots, special robots and common robots etc.. As information technology develops, robots are applied in every aspect of our lives. Now let’s go and see the robots’ skill set.

World of Robots
Robot GobBang Player
Do you feel like having a try after watching AlphaGo’s chess game with human players? Here you can have a go. Robots and artificial intelligence might be revolutionary for life in the future.
Robot Painter
Here is a robot painter. Let it paint a portrait for you!
Archery Competition
Robots can be artistic and sure they can be athletes, too. Their unusual precision and stability give them a chance for a shot in the bull’s eye. You might as well give a try to see who wins the game.
Robot Theater
The robots’ grace dances in Chinese classic folk song Jasmine, traditional Peking operas and modern dance We are Robots are available in the theater. Don’t miss!