Spectrum of Life

Spectrum of Life


The exhibition area of Spectrum of Life is a miniature of natural scenery of Yunnan in southwest China, which shows the diversity of nature from three aspects: species diversity, ecosystem diversity and gene diversity. The exhibition area is divided into three areas: tropical rain forest, stone forest and residence of the Dai nationality.

Spectrum of Life
Secrets of genes
Different genes lead to the different characteristics of species, making nature so colorful. Visitors can feel the diversity of genes in the building of the Dai nationality residential style.
Tropical rain forest
Visitors can see seven miracles of tropical rain forest here. Tropical rain forest boasts the richest species on earth.
Amphibian and reptile corner
Amphibians spend their childhood in water, while reptiles have adapted to live on land. Visitors can see the difference between them through specimens and live animals.
Insect corner
The species of insects account for around four-fifth of the animalworld species. Visitors can get to know the habitats and survival skills of insects via specimens, models, observations and operations.