Information Era

Information Era


The development of information technology has greatly changed the way we live, work and study. Technologies like the Internet, image identification, speech recognition, virtual reality and computer simulation are becoming an indispensable part of our life.

Information Era
Virtual Dog Trainer
Do you want to be a dog trainer? Just pick up the microphone and give instructions. Now you can grip the magic of speech recognition and virtual reality.
Information Transmission
This is like a small local area network. The black and white balls stand for 1s and 0s in the binary language in the computer. Line up and see if you can send them to their destination successfully.
Development of Display Technology
On a tree hung with television sets and computers, early spherical display as well as the widely used modern liquid and plasma displays can be seen. It tells of the process of display technology development.
Virtual Lab
Sitting right in front of the computer, you can switch between chemical, industrial and medical fields all you want. You are in a virtual lab without dangers associated with experiments or limits on time and space. Why not give it a try?