Science Theaters
Wild Savanna

Duration: 17 minutes

Cinema: IWERKS 4D Theater


The film tells the story of a little boy who turns into a young wildebeest. The little boy is suddenly transported from the Shanghai Natural History Museum to an African savanna and turns into a newly born wildebeest called "Seven." After the early period of confusion and puzzlement, Seven begins to learn about the magnificent African savanna. However, it is the dry season of the grassland. To find new opportunities for survival, the wildebeests begin to migrate. Migration is a life-and-death experience, as well as an adventure of challenges. On the journey, Seven meets a young zebra called Nana. Together they find ways to overcome various crises they come across on the way. The journey is very risky, but very exciting too. In the end, Seven crosses the Mara River successfully following his mother and the large migrating group, and they are greeted by tender and crisp grass. This is an adventure of life, an experience of growth, and also a common clip of the life on the African savanna.