Science Theaters
Dinosaurs of Antarctica

Duration: 41 minutes

Cinema: IMAX Dome Theater


The place is as warm as spring with lush trees and vigorous signs of life. It is the Antarctica hundreds of millions of years ago - the hometown of dinosaurs. Now, Antarctica is the coldest continent on the earth, covered with white snow and lashed by cold winds all the year round. How was the hidden world of dinosaurs discovered in the ice layer that is thousands of meters thick? What does the mass extinction tell us? Dinosaurs of Antarctica will take you back to the Permian, the Jurassic and the Antarctic hundreds of millions of years ago, and to the surreal world of strange dinosaurs and huge amphibians. Let us explore the prehistoric secrets of the continent and its impact on the future of mankind together with fearless Antarctic scientists. The film combines fun and science, and is suitable for parents and children, and students to watch. Welcome to the lost Gondwana…Welcome to Antarctica.