Shanghai Astronomy Museum launches a series of popular science activities on total lunar eclipse

On November 8, 2022, the expected total lunar eclipse appeared on time, and the Shanghai Astronomy Museum launched a series of popular science activities on the total lunar eclipse. Shi Wei, Director of the Network Popular Science Department of the Exhibition and Education Center of Shanghai Astronomy Museum, and Xiao Xi, a science teacher, explained to the audience the whole process and led the audience to reveal the secret of the "Blood Moon" and watch the rare celestial phenomenon of "Total Lunar Eclipse of Uranus", a once-in-a-millennium celestial phenomenon.

The first contact of this lunar eclipse was at 17:08, and Shanghai Astronomy Museum began to stream online for people when the moon had just come out of the horizon. The Shanghai Astronomy Museum observed the moon with the Dutch Open Telescope (DOT). In order to cooperate with the scientific dissemination of this total lunar eclipse, the team of the Exhibition and Education Center of the Shanghai Astronomy Museum specially arranged a 15min popular-science short play Shou Ke Zhai Xing Chen (Picking the Stars in Your Hand) with scientific experiments as the core, and performed a pop-up show in the public space "Halo Theater" under the dome theater of the Shanghai Astronomy Museum. The play creates fictional characters and plots based on historical truth, vividly portraying the image of a shrewd and intelligent female scientist who hates injustice like poison.