Train of Science

By digging into the science behind the exhibits, interactive programs are displayed to the public through a “train” in the exhibition hall; the aim is to inspire people to conduct experiments and observe the scientific phenomena to know the principles behind them. Eight themes are available, including “Colorful Gems”, “Visual Illusion” and “Magical Circuit”.

Science Live Show

Unlike the traditional teaching mode, a scientific show will present the scientific principles. The public is able to see the show as well as be in the show to feel the charm in a closer place. Fourteen topics are now available, including “the Power of Structure”, “Voice and Music” and “Secret for a Polar Bear to Keep Warm”.

Tour in the Museum

Scientific experts or folk scholars lead the tour in the museum and throw further light on certain exhibits. Lectures and interactive events will be held to discuss popular scientific topics. Two public themed lectures will be held every month, like “Unlock the Space Station” and “Looking into the Amazing Brain” etc..

STEM Wonderful Day in the Museum

Cross-subject courses base on the museum’s scientific contents and focus on life scenarios. It aims to cultivate students’ ability to innovate and solve problems. Ten courses are now available, including “DNA Necklace”, “Machine Intelligence” and “Bridge Engineer”.

Science Fan Workshop

The series of hands-on courses include “WEDO2.0 Robot”, “First Step for Robot Design”, “Get Creative with Lego”, “Space Exploration” and “Science and Technology” etc.. Through exploration, cooperation, creation and sharing, the workshop is set to interest students in science, engineering and mechanics.

Agilent Scientific Lab

Presented by the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum and Agilent Technologies, the lab now has eight explorative courses to inspire students’ curiosity for life and interest for science. The courses include Little CSI Detective, Newton Automobile, the Invisible Power and Sundial etc..

Fun in Programing

Based on Apple’s Swift language and Swift Playgrounds, the courses, such as How an app is produced, Exploration into Face ID and Program for Dash robot are available to fuel teenagers’ interest in programming and cultivate their logical thinking. The aim is “Everyone Can Code”