Online Science Popularization in Community by Shanghai Science and Technology Museum to Makes Joint Efforts to Fight Against COVID-19


On December 5, 2021, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, together with the Huamu Sub-district, held the online "Science Popularization for Joint Efforts on the Fight Against COVID-19" as scheduled to popularize scientific knowledge. Primary and secondary school students and their parents from Huamu Sub-district in Pudong New Area, who were quarantined at home due to the COVID-19, attended the first online course of "Online Tour of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum". Thousands of people watched the live broadcast. 

The science teachers carried out research and planning on the content and form of science popularization, and identified 34 projects of science popularization. This special list is designed to cover a wide range of age groups of students. In addition to the online live broadcast of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Natural History Museum, and Shanghai Astronomy Museum, there are also live courses for elementary students, such as the inquiry class, the experimental short video "Science LIVE Show", and the animation "Keqi Denying Rumour".