3M “Science Popularization Activities” Launched in Summer


On August 15, the 3M “Science Popularization Activities” were officially launched at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum (SSTM). Initiated by the SSTM and 3M China under the support of the Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation, this event is a series of innovative activities to popularize science to young people. It aims to arouse young people’s enthusiasm for exploring the unknown by integrating interactive science classes, hands-on experiments and diverse experiences. The 3M “Science Popularization Activities,” as the major activity, will carry out more than 20 interactive science classes at the SSTM from August 15 to 23, and set up an innovative experience exhibition area.
 At the launching ceremony, 3M donated RMB 200,000 to the Shanghai Science Education Development Foundation to jointly fund Shanghai’s public service of popularizing science to young people, including the activities held by the SSTM. Subsequently, 3M’s scientists gave a well-prepared interactive science class to the students on site. The children explored the scientific principles behind simple things in all aspects through interaction and experiments. In addition to the interactive science class, there was also a special experience exhibition area. Children sat on the first “gum” chair, touched the magical “membrane,” and had a chance to understand the truth and magic of science from zero distance in the all-round experience of seeing, hearing, touching and feeling.