A solar eclipse special exhibition preludes the opening of the Shanghai Planetarium


To arouse people’s curiosity about astronomy, the “Chasing the Solar Eclipse” exhibition, curated originally by the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, was launched online and offline simultaneously from July 21 to lead visitors to fully appreciate the unique charm of the solar eclipse in a proper and scientific way, preluding the completion and opening of the Shanghai Planetarium (a branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum) next year.
This exhibition adopts a new exhibition model of “online-centered, offline-supplemented,” consisting of three parts, that is, “Tiangou Eats the Sun,” “Observing the Sun with Instruments” and “Kuafu Chases the Sun.” With the help of photography and painting works as well as traditional Chinese stories, the exhibition leads the visitors to appreciate the magnificence of the solar eclipse, and illustrates the phenomenon in a scientific way from different perspectives. By reviewing the history of solar eclipse observation and the development of observation technology, the exhibition reveals how solar eclipses have a profound impact on human scientific development, social economy, cultural life, course of history, etc. The exhibition also uses a lot of precious objects, photos, oil paintings, videos and other materials to show the solar eclipse culture from different sides, telling the story of solar eclipses in over a century.