“The Journey of an Anchovy Whale” Staged at Shanghai Natural History Museum


On the evening of August 25, the “2020 Jing’an District Science Festival Launching Ceremony and ‘The Journey of an Anchovy Whale’ – A Night at Shanghai Natural History Museum” unveiled at the Shanghai Natural History Museum. At 19:00, with the lights simulating the sea, the exhibition area with suspended plesiosaurs, blue whales and other marine life models seemed to become an ocean. With the sound of the waves, an immersive original science stage play – “The Journey of an Anchovy Whale” kicked off.
The whole play lasted 30 minutes and was performed by 8 professional actors that interacted with more than 100 audiences. This stage play told the story of the ocean current named “Ou Xun,” the protagonist who accompanied an anchovy whale coming from afar from the Pacific Ocean on a journey of four chapters: pursuit, singing, whale fall, and new birth, and finally help the whale find the meaning of life in the harmonious ocean created together with humans.