SSTM Attended ASTC’s Online Conference against COVID-19


On March 13, Xin Ge, vice-curator of the SSTM, was invited to and attended the online conference organized by Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC), representing the only Asian venue present. The conference focused on what measures should be taken to ensure the health and safety of visitors and employees and maintain the operation during an outbreak and acted as a platform for exchanges and discussions among the participating museums. Vice-curator Xin gave a brief report on the three museums of the SSTM and on the situation and the SSTM’s anti-epidemic measures during the outbreak in China, especially their online exhibitions, quizzes, articles and videos about the epidemic and many other popular science-related events launched on our online platform. He also highlighted the newly launched exhibition “Dancing Ghosts” (title to be determined) on virology and invited the museums interested to discuss with him about possible collaborative tours. The museum representatives attending the conference were impressed by the measures we took during the closure.