To share China’s experiences and thoughts in fighting COVID-19 through an original exhibition


In order to track social hot issues, respond to public concerns, sort out and share China’s experience and thoughts in fighting COVID-19, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (SSTM) has given full play to its role as a popular science platform, integrated high-quality social resources, and launched the original exhibition “A Shared Destiny, Fight Together Against Pandemic Threats—Science and Technology for Better Health” on July 15, 2020 in the special exhibition hall on the second floor of SSTM, which will last for 4 months.
The exhibition focuses on COVID-19, using a variety of display methods, appropriate visual and behavioral expressions, creative mechanical and multimedia interactive exhibits, and cutting-edge technology products to introduce popular science knowledge to the visitors about viruses, infectious disease pandemics, public health and health behaviors from different perspectives such as virology, epidemiology, and sociology, to learn more about viruses, a unique form of life, and their role in the evolution of life on earth, discuss how viruses affect the process of human civilization, and think about how to coexist with viruses in the future.