A popular science exhibition on food safety opens at Shanghai Natural History Museum


On the morning of July 23, the three-month “Truth or Dare about the Dining Table – Food Safety Popular Science Exhibition” opened at the Shanghai Natural History Museum, co-organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, the Office of Shanghai Food and Drug Safety Commission, and the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation.
Based on the latest public concerns about food safety such as wild animals since the outbreak of COVID-19, the exhibition is divided into four sections: “the wildlife minefield,” “the refrigerator blacklist,” “the edible oil ambush,” and “the rumor marshland,” involving nearly a hundred knowledge points such as prohibition on eating wild animals, food storage in refrigerators, purchase and use of edible oils, and refutation of rumors about food safety, covering all aspects of daily diet and life, with scientific content, rich exhibits and lively forms. After the exhibition ends at the Shanghai Natural History Museum, it will continue in communities, business districts and the Yangtze River Delta to further promote popular science.