Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Yangtze River-Themed Science Popularization Exhibition Kicks Off


On December 14, 2021, the Yangtze River-Themed Science Popularization Exhibition, sponsored by Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, opened in the second hall on the ground floor of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. This is the first comprehensive science popularization exhibition themed on the Yangtze River that integrates science, technology, culture, and art information. The exhibition, adopting the perspective of the changing relationship between people and the Yangtze River, provides a profound insight into the Yangtze River to guide the audience to foster the awareness of protecting the Yangtze River and the concept of "people and nature form a community of shared future". 

The exhibition hall is consisted of four parts: "Prologue: The Yangtze River Tide, Shared Drinking Water Source", "The Great River and Civilization", "The Pulse of the Great Yangtze River" and "Epilogue: Together for a Better Future of the Yangtze River". It shows audiences the diverse topography, ecological environment and customs of the Yangtze River basin, and helps them foster a better understanding of the important role of the Yangtze River in supporting the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. The audience at the same time can also feel the magnificent landscape of the Yangtze River presented by the multimedia immersive exhibition such as "Yangtze River Tide".