Shanghai Natural History Museum and Shanghai Botanical Garden co-host the Science Popularization Exhibition on Biodiversity Conservation


On January 1, 2022, the Science Popularization Exhibition on Biodiversity Conservation, co-organized by the Shanghai Natural History Museum (branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum), the Shanghai Botanical Garden, and the Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, was opened in the Exhibition Hall of Plant Building of Shanghai Botanical Garden. The purpose of the exhibition, themed by "Harmonious Coexistence of All Creatures to Build a Beautiful Homeland", is to demonstrate the importance, national strategies, and implementation results of biodiversity conservation and call on the whole community to jointly promote the development of biodiversity conservation. 

At the Opening Ceremony, Zhang Yunfei, Deputy Director of Collection Conservation Research Center and Natural History Research Center of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, and Yan Wei, Curator of Shanghai Botanical Garden exchanged a memorandum of strategic cooperation on behalf of the two parties. Based on their respective advantages, the two parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in such aspects as dynamic monitoring and protection of urban biodiversity, research on ecological and environmental protection and science popularization education, jointly build a comprehensive platform for scientific research and science dissemination and fully follow out the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing.