The Shanghai Science Communication Forum holds first session of lecture series in Shanghai, Tibet and Xinjiang


On October 17, 2020, the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum (SSTM), together with the Tibet Museum of Natural Science and the Xinjiang Uygur Science and Technology Museum, jointly organized the 150th lecture of the Shanghai Science Communication Forum. This was also first session of the lecture series in Shanghai, Tibet and Xinjiang of the Shanghai Science Communication Forum “Into the West” series. On the occasion of the 40th World Food Day and the National Food Security Publicity Week, the lecture specially invited Luo Lijun, Chief Scientist of the Shanghai Agrobiological Gene Center and He Zuhua, researcher fellow of the CAS Center for Excellence in Molecular Plant Science/Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology to bring a popular science report with the theme of “Food Security” to the audience in the three places.

After the Shanghai Science Communication Forum’s lectures Gansu and Yunnan, this is its second trip to western China, further expanding its “friend circle” of popular science education, enhancing the social radiation effect of the Forum, and promoting the balanced development of popular science resources. After this lecture, the Shanghai Science Communication Forum will also launch simultaneous live events in the three places. While exporting resources, based on the scientific research results of Tibet and Xinjiang, the Forum will promptly popularize the latest scientific research developments and explore a new model of co-construction to promote the development of science popularization in the three places.