“My People, My Country” Exhibition Opened at SSTM


On January 8, the exhibition themed “My People, My Country” opened at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum (SSTM). Focusing on the natural beauty of our country, the achievements in development we made since the founding of the PRC and some of our compatriots that accomplished extraordinary things on ordinary posts, the exhibition presents to visitors an immersive experience through hi-tech and multi-media instruments to inspire their patriotism. The event includes one opening ceremony, seven chapters, one screening and several interactive lectures. The seven chapters are respectively titled as “An Overlook of China” “Medals of the Republic” “A View of China from 600,000 Meters High” “An Ode to Our Well-off Society” “The Pillars of a Great Power” “The Grand Parade” and “I Love You, China” and are designed to represent the look of China in the new era from various perspectives and on multiple levels, including natural landscape, model workers among the people, economic development, technological innovations, and poverty alleviation. Concurrently, Song of the People (1949-2019), a mini-documentary produced by the Xinhua News Agency, is put on in the screening room of the venue. On the morning of the opening day, the organizers tried the ingenious approach of transforming the ceremony into an open lecture about patriotism.