Construction Resumed for Shanghai Astronomy Museum


As a major project of Shanghai, Shanghai Astronomy Museum (branch of the SSTM) resumed its construction on March 11. The construction team have overcome various obstacles and taken concrete measures for personnel screening, site disinfection, stockpile, security check, etc. While paying attention to both epidemic control and construction progress, they will do their utmost to complete the project and ensure its quality and guarantee its opening to the public the next year.

On the first day of resumption, as they had entered the stage of model construction, workers went on with their work in an orderly manner, some surveying and lining, some building keel partitions, some installing the steel-framed transfer floor on the top, and others transporting square tubes. A total of 22 workers, about 15% of the total head count of the team, were working on the model during the day. They worked with vigor and a high morale on a busy yet orderly site. As the epidemic abates, more workers will join the crew after taking necessary precautions.