Explore Japan’s Environmental Protection at the Nautilus Auditorium


On November 23, Lecture 154 of the Shanghai Science Communication Forum – Nautilus Auditorium was held at the Shanghai Natural History Museum with the theme “From Rape Flowers: To Explore Japan’s Environmental Protection.” The lecture invited Chiyomi Uematsu, associate professor at the Graduate School of Science, Osaka City University, and Ayako Fujii, member of the Policy Evaluation Committee under the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan. Chiyomi Uematsu mainly introduced the environmental problems reflected from the change of nature, the communication methods of environmental education in Japan, and how to prevent and solve environmental problems that occur around us. While Fujii mainly introduced the recycling system of rape flower resources created by her, and explained the important role of natural resource distribution in environmental protection. Environmental protection and regional economic activation can be combined through this recycling system. And she also shared relevant examples of local residents’ investment in environmental protection that bring economic benefits in turn.