Restoring specimens to fulfill the wish of a 102-year-old special-grade senior teacher


The 102-year-old Lin Youyu is among Shanghai’s first batch of special-grade senior teachers. Every year during the rainy season, he is concerned about the teaching aid specimens that he made by himself, some of which have a history of more than 60 years. On July 8, through the Xinmin Evening News, he called on professionals to participate in the restoration of the animal specimens to arouse more children’s interest in natural science. As the Shanghai Natural History Museum (a branch of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum) learned the news, it immediately contacted the Shanghai Experimental Primary School and dispatched staff from the Specimen & Model Making Center to check the status of the specimens on the afternoon of July 11. The museum said that it would restore some specimens free of charge to fulfill the wish of the 102-year-old special-grade senior teacher. In the follow-up, the museum will study and discuss the restoration plan, and select and restore some specimens free of charge. These specimens will be taken back to the Shanghai Natural History Museum for thorough maintenance, including specimen freezing, insect and mold prevention, restoration of coat color, etc., to give the specimens a new look.