Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Held a Special “Science and Technology Night” Event for Scientific Researchers


On December 25, 2020, the “Science and Technology Night” event with the theme “Pay Tribute to Scientists and Spark Curiosity” was held at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. A variety of activities were held, including sand painting performance, Scientists Show You an Amazing World, puzzle games, science popularization through DIY, science and technology playground, quiz show, science show and popular science movies. Nearly a thousand researchers and their family members from Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Academy of Science & Technology and universities were invited to participate in the event.
The colorful and diverse popular science activities made scientific researchers and their family members enjoy the charm of science and technology in the atmosphere integrating science and technology with culture and art. In the future, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum will vigorously promote the spirit of scientists, use it to stimulate innovation vitality and potential, bring more high-quality popular science resources to the audiences, and improve the public’s scientific literacy.