The COVID-19 Quiz Returns


Since “A Scientific Defense against the Epidemic - A COVID-19 Quiz” was launched by Yangtze Delta Alliance for Popularization of Science on February 3 till 24:00, February 16, 30,367 people have participated in it online with a total of 172,223 attempts, showing great enthusiasm nationwide. Though the museums are all closed during the epidemic, the campaign to promote popular science continues. Many venues have been improving their online popular science presentations so that people can see exhibitions without stepping out of their doors. The second issue of the quiz is organized by the CANSM and lasts from February 17 to 28. On the first day of its launch, 184 science museums and other organizations participated, and the number of questions has risen from 200 to 400. In addition to expanding the tank of questions, organizers have also prepared more prizes for the participants.