SSTM promotes the establishment of a science game lab


After the successful application for the national demonstration base for the integration of culture, science and technology in 2019, and in order to promote the innovative development of the base, put SSTM on a high ground for developing science games, innovate science communication and promote the integrated development of culture, science and technology during the period of the 14th Five-Year Plan, we set up a special preparatory team in May to promote the construction and development of the science game laboratory at the SSTM.

To ensure that everything would go smoothly, we held a special consultation meeting, at which experts from outside the museum discussed the prospect for the science game industry, how it will evolve, the application of technology, and with whom we should cooperate. Our leaders often took a team of employees to visit scientific research institutes and game companies, discussing with them how we may cooperate and how we should coordinate to realize the cooperation. By complementing each other's advantages and sharing the best resources with one another, advancing the technical development of science games, and working on the application, transformation and promotion of the results, we can build an open, shared and co-managed cooperation platform featuring "science + game".

Thanks to the efforts of the parties involved, we have begun our cooperation with a game company, completed the program of a mobile exploration science game about the ancient civilization of the Yangtze River, jointly applied for the science communication and cultural innovation fund, and established cooperation with the Shanghai Academy of Science & Technology and other institutes. By working with forces from various walks of society, mostly nonprofitable, we build a platform of the gathering of science game resources, which lays a solid foundation for the construction of the science game platform.