The 2021 "Youth Science Interpreter" Training Activity of Shanghai Natural History Museum Was Officially Launched


    On July 29, the 2021 "Youth Science Interpreter", a subproject of "Museum-University Cooperation" of Shanghai Natural History Museum, was successfully launched in the theme classroom of Discovery Center. With the theme of "My Nature Talk Show", the project mainly involved four subjects including plants, insects, birds and other animals. A total of 790 pupils and junior high school students from 16 districts of the whole city signed up for this year's activity. After the initial screening, a total of 100 students were successfully shortlisted. 

    The campaign was conducted online and offline. To put it concretely, a small number of students participated in offline campaigns, while partial students participated in the actual training through the live broadcast platform. In 2021, the "Young Science Interpreters" of Shanghai Natural History Museum were still incorporated in the "Young Eagle Cup"-"Red Scarf" Science Innovation Talent Challenge held by the Municipal League Committee. Excellent young scientific interpreters cultivated by the project will participate in the municipal finals of "Young Eagle Cup" and participate in the selection of "Young Academicians" of the 19th Shanghai Youth Academy of Sciences.