2019 “Future Science ” Summer Science Camp of Shanghai Science Popularization Forum


In the morning of July 13, 50 junior high school students from all over China gathered at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum to participate in the 2019 “Future Science+” Summer Science Camp organized by Shanghai Science Popularization Forum. During the seven-day science camp, the participants experienced wonders and fun of science with like-minded partners through expert lectures, interactive discussions, popular science films, scientific experiments, field investigation and results presentations. Under the guidance of scientific masters and professional tutors, they gained a better understanding of the charm of scientific research and innovation.

The “Future Science+” Science Camp has been popular among students and parents since its inception and it was held for the fourth time. This was the first time to recruit junior high school students across China, covering participants of all school ages. Compared with the previous ones, 2019 “Future Science +” Summer Science Camp boasts three “new” highlights: first, the “cross-regional” signing up; second, “cross-disciplinary” contents; third, “cross-industrial” resource sharing.

This year, in order to further expand the radiation range of the Science Camp and give more science enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful speeches of scientific masters, the organizers specially launched the “Summer Spree” of the Shanghai Forum. All the 5 scientific lectures during the Science Camp were open to the public, so that more people can come to experience the beauty of science.