Special Activity at Shanghai Astronomy Museum to Celebrate the International Dark Sky Week


    At 19:30 on April 30, 2022, a special activity entitled "Look for the Lost Star-Filled Sky" was launched at Shanghai Astronomy Museum to celebrate the International Dark Sky Week. This activity was carried out as a lecture, which was live-streamed on the account of Shanghai Astronomy Museum on the Channels of WeChat and Bilibili, attracting 7,023 viewers, who left 2,531 comments and gave 61,000 "likes". 

    This lecture was delivered by Wang Xiaofei from the Education Development Department, Exhibition & Education Center, Shanghai Astronomy Museum. By sharing about why we need to protect the starry sky, the reasons and effects of light pollution, and how to abate light pollution, she made an introduction to the dark sky and why we need to protect it. In days to come, Shanghai Astronomy Museum will launch more online education activities, to provide the public with more popular astronomical contents, enrich the adolescents' learning activities and life at home, and help to win over the pandemic with high-quality science popularization activities.