Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Attends ASPAC Online Metaverse Discussion


    To further international communication of our museum and keep abreast of the developments of international science popularization museums during the pandemic, 18 staff members from the Cooperation & Communication Division, Science Promotion Center, Exhibition & Education Center of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Exhibition & Education Center of Shanghai Natural History Museum and Exhibition & Education Center of Shanghai Astronomy Museum attended the ASPAC S2L online meeting (for sharing ideas and learning experiences) at 13:00 on April 5, 2022. 

    The theme of this meeting is metaverse. Our museum raised pertinent questions on the organization of metaverse exhibition & education activities based on the cases of overseas museums. Experts from popular science and technology museums and institutions such as the National Science and Technology Centre (Australia), Incheon Children Science Museum, China Science and Technology Museum, Ewha Womans University and Meta Singapore shared metaverse projects in their respective fields, including successful cases of AR, VR, virtual visiting, science popularization games and online exhibitions. The definition of and opportunities and challenges from metaverse were also discussed. After this meeting, our museum was more aware of popular science and technology museums in Asia Pacific and their efforts in the metaverse field, offering experiences in metaverse activities for our museum to draw from.