Nautilus Auditorium Launched the “Reconstructing Nature in Cities” Series of Activities


In order to answer the question of how to reconstruct nature in cities, in 2021, the Shanghai Natural History Museum (a branch of SSTM) launched a new series of Nautilus Auditorium lectures, focusing on the role of nature protection in the sustainable development of big cities, showing excellent experience in urban ecological construction at home and abroad, and contributing to building Shanghai into an “ecological city”. In the afternoon of April 24, the first lecture of “Reconstructing Nature in Cities” was launched online. Yan Wei, the head of Shanghai Green Management Guidance Station and a professor-level senior engineer, was invited to give a lecture, and Yang Gang from the Natural History Research Center of Shanghai Natural History Museum was the dialogue guest.

Focusing on “ecological prevention and control”, the lecturer shared the story of how landscaping workers had fought against diseases and pests with wit and courage, and gradually established a green prevention and control system in the process of exploring the relationship between ecological protection and pest management in Shanghai for more than 20 years. She started from which diseases plants may get, and how big the ecological effects of small bugs can produce. Trees are the main body of green spaces in parks and an important part of the urban ecosystem. However, factors such as the high level of hardness in urban space pose threats to the health of trees. When the resistance of trees declines, they become more susceptible to pests. From comprehensive management to pollution-free prevention and control, and then to green prevention and control currently, Shanghai has provided a solution integrating four technologies of “ecological regulation, biological prevention and control, physicochemical induction control and scientific medication”. Moreover, She cited three classic green prevention and control cases in Shanghai, namely bird protection in Century Park, ecological conservation in New Jiangwan City, and forest belt built for biological prevention and control on the outer ring of Putuo District.