Shanghai Natural History Museum launches the Natural Treasures Global Amber Treasures Exhibition in the Spring of the Year of the Tiger


On February 1, 2022, the temporary exhibition of "Natural Treasures Global Amber Treasures" was officially opened in the Atrium, B2 of the Shanghai Natural History Museum, with the exhibition period extending to May 8. More than 500 amber treasure collections from all over the world are exhibited and the Museum's collections of modern creatures and rock fossils are presented in the form of "ancient-modern dialogues", interpreting amber from the points of view of natural evolution, life ecology, culture, and art, and presenting the values and charms of amber, a kind of natural treasure. 

This exhibition is composed of Prologue, Presents of Nature, Time Capsule, Beauty of Nature, and Epilogue. Many collections make their debut: The type specimen of Lichnomesopsyche from Myanmar shows an elegant posture and complete and clear physical features. The Mexican Dumpy Frog is vivid, complete, and beautiful. The Butterfly Amber perfectly preserves the appearance of the ancient butterfly in its life. Intelligent AR navigation glasses were provided for the Exhibition. After spectators wore the glasses to observe the 12 selected representative collections, the star animals in the amber would be automatically "activated" and the scenes of the Earth's environmental changes would be presented one after another, allowing the spectators to start a wonderful journey through time and space in the Spring of the Year of the Tiger.