“The Tale of Whales” Exhibition Opened at SSTM


On the evening of January 17, in a huge water cube made of blue vail curtains, six swimming whale-shaped paper lanterns were lighted, marking the opening of “A Night with Whales”, a special pre-event of the SSTM’s new exhibition “The Tale of Whales”. Consisting of three sections - “Legends about the Big Fish” “Wisdom of Survival” and “Eco-Conservation” - “The Tale of Whales” aims to show the long existing cultural connections between humans and whales, their biological evolution, behaviours and wisdom for survival, and the ecological conservation efforts made for them to call for the public to protect our oceans and lakes, as well as the beautiful creatures living in them. With skeletal specimens, plastic specimens, scientific drawings, interactive mechanical exhibits, multi-media exhibits, art installations and models on display, the exhibition embodies the organic integration of culture, art and science. In addition to a wide range of real educational side-events, two mobile games and online short-video feeds were also launched.