The “Hello, Frog” Public Science Project of Shanghai Natural History Museum Launched the Activity of Looking for Frogs at Night


As night falls, with the slight heat of early summer, the night monitoring team of “Hello, Frog” public science project under the “Find Nature” series activities of Shanghai Natural History Museum (a branch of SSTM) came to the green belt on outer ring of Putuo District and Luhui Seedling Base in Pujiang Town to look for frogs under the leadership of professional researchers. During the two days from May 7 to 8, 2021, a total of 44 people participated in night inspections, monitoring and recording of diversified frog species.

On April 17 this year, after the first exchange meeting of “Hello, Frog” project, the project team received complete monitoring data from a number of volunteers. The WeChat mini-program “Sounds of Everything” developed by Shanghai Natural History Museum also received much data information such as photos of tadpoles or frogs and sounds of frogs. This activity was a field trip after the first exchange meeting of “Hello, Frog” public science project. It provided training for volunteers in the project team and guided the public to better monitor the diversity of frog species and upload more precise data, so as to produce the desirable result that “everyone is an uploader and a recorder”, and achieve the goal of guiding the public to pay attention to nature, record nature and collect information about nature.