Light of Wisdom Exhibition at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Includes New Exhibits


 The partial and overall renovation project of the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is currently underway. The “Light of Wisdom” exhibition area has been partially renovated with the scientific theme of the exhibition area retained. The area has introduced a batch of physical interactive exhibits that conform to the exhibition theme, and added some geometric and chemical exhibition items. At the same time, the display of the exhibition area has been optimized to facilitate the in-depth exploration of the scientific principles behind the exhibits. In November, the updating of 5 physical exhibition items of standing waves, erecting ropes, internal waves, wave interference, different marine propellers have been completed, and another eight mathematical and mechanical exhibits will also be open to visitors soon. The 13 exhibits planned to be updated involve scientific content such as wave and vibration of physics, optics, mechanical mechanics, mathematics, etc. The exhibition will also adopt methods of comparison, contrast, teamwork and exploration, and pay more attention to guiding the visitors to explore science.