Monographs on Science Games Participated in the Joint Construction of the Game Library


On the World Book Day on April 23 2021, Tencent Institute of Games launched the campaign of “jointly building a library for gamers”. The academic monograph Introduction to Science Games—Games Empower Science Education from SSTM was recommended and included in the library. It was the first result in the efforts to conduct systematic research on science games proposed in the Declaration of the Development of the Science Game Industry.

In its six chapters, the book uses 20+ examples of science games at home and abroad to comprehensively sort out and summarize the concept, definition, history, types, characteristics, knowledge system and industry ecology of science games and their role in science education. Its contents include the concept and value of science games, theoretical basis of science games, science games and science education, science games and science popularization venues, the planning and development of science games, and science games and science popularization industry.