SSCF discusses how to get along with wildlife after the epidemic emerged


On April 25, Wang Fang, a researcher from the School of Life Sciences, Fudan University, gave the 138th and also the first "cloud" lecture at the Shanghai Science Communication Forum (SSCF). Mr. Wang talked about, from the perspectives of ecologists and zoologists, how we should get along with wild animals in the face of COVID-19. He also used his own research practice to encourage the young audience to develop logical thinking ability and scientific way of thinking, thus laying a solid foundation for scientific research.
In the lecture, Mr. Wang answered the following four questions: are there any differences between ordinary and rare wild animals? Are wild animals useful? What is the proper way to treat wildlife in an epidemic outbreak? Are there any wild animals in the cities? While answering these questions, Mr. Wang led the audience to explore the land of China and showed them the wild boar and the roe deer in the Liupanshan Reserve, the rat and the marmot on the prairie, the giant panda and the takin in the Qinling mountains, etc.

As the first "cloud lecture" after the opening of the SSCF, it was loved by the audience. And there will be more "cloud lectures" coming up during the epidemic. The SSCF will continue to use the new technologies and new trends in science communication, take care of its official account on bilibili, spread cutting-edge and high-quality science information, and explore a new pattern of providing online science communication and interacting with the audience.