Three New Films Screened in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum


Recently, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum released three blockbuster science films: the IMAX movie Under the Sea, and the OMNIMAX movies Volcanoes – The Fires of Creation and Backyard Wilderness. At the same time, the museum also held a film and TV education activity – “On the Volcanoes & Under the Sea.” After watching the films, the audiences can participate in WeChat award-winning quizzes, as well as the on-site science popularization activities every Saturday. The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, while introducing the science films from other countries, has been also continuously improving its shooting and production capabilities of science films. In 2009, the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum began to independently produce science films. So far, it has produced 11 four-dimensional science films, including Back to the Permian, The Kingdom of Saber-Tooth, and Panda Roller—Journey to New Home, as well as 14 documentaries of the “Endangered Species of China” series.