Party Branch of Shanghai Astronomy Museum Lectured on Astronomy for Students of Charity Schools


On June 29, 2022, on the eve of the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Party branch of the Exhibition and Education Center of Shanghai Astronomy Museum remained true to the original aspiration and carried out a meaningful Party building activity by continuously deepening "I do practical work for the masses". The Party branch, in conjunction with the public welfare organization, carefully planned and brought a wonderful online astronomy class for the children of two Kuzhiyucai charity schools.

The activities were carried out in two schools: Xintian County Kuzhiyucai School and Guiyang County Kuzhiyucai School in Hunan Province. Kuzhiyucai School is a boarding charity school, which is specially set up for the education and nursery of children living in difficult circumstances and has been strongly supported by the local government and public welfare organizations.

Wang Yabin, a science teacher of the Party branch of the Exhibition and Education Center of Shanghai Astronomy Museum, explained the ancient Chinese constellation culture to students, led them to understand the star sky in the eyes of the ancients, and made paper dragon boats. The course combined scientific knowledge with manual activities to arouse children's curiosity about astronomical knowledge, expand their knowledge, and enable children to fall in love with traditional Chinese culture.

Teachers and students of Kuzhiyucai School looked forward to the lecture and sat in front of the screen early before the class. In class, the children enthusiastically participated in interaction, actively tried, helped each other, and worked together to complete the task. This lecture also gave deep impression on the party members in front of the screen. Seeing these children living in difficult circumstances grew up healthily under the care and love of Kuzhiyucai School, the Party members deeply felt the significance of public welfare activities. Besides, children' infectious smiles have also become the best memory of the activity.

It is the responsibility and obligation of each Party member science popularizer to spread knowledge and bring hope to children living in difficult circumstances, and the Party branch of the Exhibition and Education Center of Shanghai Astronomy Museum is also constantly striving to provide services in science popularization for the whole people. In the future, Shanghai Astronomy Museum will continue to expand the audience coverage, intensify science popularization and dissemination, and contribute to improving the scientific literacy of the whole people.