The SSTM is listed as one of the top 10 single entities for the National Culture and Technology Integration Demonstration Bases


The list of "Top 10 National Culture and Technology Integration Demonstration Bases" was released at the 2019 China (Nanjing) Cultural and Technological Integration Achievement Fair. The SSTM, as a "model demonstration base for promoting popular science education and cultural experience through technology," was listed among the top 10 single entities. The fair was held at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center from October 25 to 27. As a demonstration base, the SSTM displays more than 50 categories of cultural and technological integration achievements, including various temporary exhibitions, five-in-one educational activities, elaborately produced popular science films and original popular science spin-offs. Miao Wenjing, deputy curator of the SSTM, gave a speech entitled Knowledge Display Resorting to Digital Technology at the forum for the fair.