Successful Conclusion of the First Working Meeting of the Yangtze River Delta Science Popularization Venue Alliance in 2022


    On May 11, 2022, the first working meeting of the Yangtze River Delta Science Popularization Venue Alliance in 2022 was successfully convened online. Wang Xiaoming, curator of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, announced the rotation of the leading museum. The flag of the rotating leading museum of the alliance was handed over by Jiangsu Science and Technology Museum and Nanjing Science and Technology Museum to China Navigation Museum, Shanghai. This meeting was attended by more than one hundred persons in charge and representatives of 38 members which are popular science and technology museums, since centers, technological enterprises, science popularization associations and science popularization bases. 

    During the discussion, Lan Guoying, deputy secretary of Party committee of Zhejiang Museum of Natural History proposed to cooperate on "quality coral exhibition" and "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" picture exhibitions, and presented the idea of co-organizing science popularization-research-study activities with member institutions. Tao Simin, curator of Shaoxing Sci-Tech Museum, talked about the first Popular Science Festival for Teenagers and the progress in founding the National Education Innovation and Development Forum for Science Popularization Venues against the "Double Reduction" Strategy. Zeng Chuanning, curator of Jiangsu Science and Technology Museum, talked about the youth forum and the science talk show for youth.