Contestants from SSTM Won the First Prize of the 2020 National Popular Science Docent Contest

On November 13, the 2020 National Popular Science Docent Contest was wrapped up. The exhibition and education team from Shanghai Science and Technology Museum achieved excellent results once again: Wang Yawen from the Exhibition and Education Service Office of Shanghai Natural History Museum (a branch of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum) won the first prize and the Best Image Award. Wang Yixi from the Exhibition and Education Office of SSTM won the third prize. A total of 234 contestants from 73 teams nationwide participated in the contest.

The Science Popularization Division of Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality chose 6 persons including Wang Yawen from SSTM to represent the Shanghai team and participate in the National Popular Science Docent Contest. The semi-finals included explanation on self-chosen topics and randomly-chosen topics. The 234 contestants were divided into 3 groups, and the top 10 of each group entered the final. In the final, Wang Yawen’s topic was “Polar Snow and Chinese Dragon”, which drew inspiration from the Polar Exhibition Area of Shanghai National History Museum; Wang Yixi’s topic was “Behemoth’s Skeleton”, which took inspiration from the exhibition “The Tale of Whales”.