The Popular Science Content Creation Training Course “Popular Science Worker’s Charging Station” Wrapped Up


On December 26, 2020, after more than two months of meticulous planning and overall arrangement, the popular science content creation training course “Popular Science Worker’s Charging Station” launched by Shanghai Science and Technology Museum was successfully wrapped up. It helped 40 young participants solve the difficulty in popular science content creation through a series of training and improve the ability of popular science content creation and interpretation.

The “Popular Science Worker’s Charging Station” training activity invited experts in natural sciences, editors from science media, social media influencers and experts in video production to open a series of courses, covering the selection of topics and planning of science popularization, science popularization through images and texts, popular science dissemination, short video script creation and production skills of short videos. Lasting more than a month, the training aimed to set up an authoring team able to promote science popularization through all kinds of media, and produce high-quality contents and develop cutting-edge ideas for Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and the whole society.